My name is Michelle Breuer and I’ve been in the network marketing industry for over 4 years now. The biggest challenge in any company I’ve been with is generating good quality leads and team duplication. No more! The Viral Prospector has solved the two major problems.

Not only does it position you as a home business expert through the unlimited pre-written content rich autoresponders but it also generates FREE Quality leads for the members using the system. Not only that but it is so affordable it’s almost ridiculous.

We’ve been paying close to $20 per month for our auto responder system through Aweber for years and that is all it is, an autoresponder system where, BTW we have to write all of our own emails. Well for $10 more a month, VP provides us all of the flexibility and capabilities of Aweber but has so many other features, like the ability to send video and audio postcards, a live chat feature so you know when a prospect is visiting your site, live training calls on marketing plus a constantly growing library of marketing training, banners, text links, emails, website templates, the list goes on and on and on.